We’re so excited to welcome you and your business into Socialike.

Because we’re passionate about only working with businesses with values and a product that we can truly get behind, we’re extremely selective about who we choose to work with.

We believe this makes the working relationships much more enjoyable for everyone and creates a more authentic experience for your loyal fans and future customers.

We want you to feel like we’re a part of your team and vice versa!

Our hope is to make the transition of bringing Socialike onboard as simple as possible, so we’d like to share a bit about our processes.

Let's do this, shall we?!



Alex Ford

I have a consumer marketing background and have worked with businesses in both New Zealand and Los Angeles, including: BurgerFuel, Wellington Hospitality Group, Asian Box, iHeartMedia, Shake Shack and Coolhaus.

I understand your needs as a business owner and I have seen first hand how Social Media and Digital Marketing can help to create a successful business. I understand that Social Media and Digital Marketing are both games of strategy, not just cranking out day-to-day content.

It is my goal to save you time and leverage Social Media and Digital marketing to grow your business and help you reach your revenue goals.




Agile Projects

We have an agile approach to our work, which means we have a project based approach to our work.

All projects will be outlined in ASANA. We’ll work with you to develop and implement each project.

Projects typically take anywhere from 1 week to 1 month to complete and may have ongoing components.



These are the best way to get in touch.

If it’s urgent and you need an immediate response, please CALL Alex +64 21 778 564

If it’s not urgent, please EMAIL Alex alex@socialike.media

Project discussions and updates, please MESSAGE in ASANA on the related project. We will also use ASANA to share updates and discussions.


Office Hours

Social media may be on 24/7 but we’re not.

We bet you love your downtime - and so do we! We will always react as quickly as possible whenever there is a "fire" outside of normal business hours.

However, we like to keep regular office hours.

Our typical office hours are 8am-5pm Monday-Friday (NZST).

We’ll happily reply to any / all requests within 24 hours during normal business hours.

We’re also "out of office" on the following New Zealand holidays:

  • New Year's Day — 1 January 

  • Day after New Year's Day — 2 January 

  • Waitangi Day — 6 February 

  • Good Friday 

  • Easter Monday 

  • ANZAC Day — 25 April

  • Queen's Birthday — First Monday in June

  • Labour Day — Last Monday in October

  • Christmas Day — 25 December

  • Boxing Day — 26 December.



We’re always available for a meeting. Some clients like to schedule a weekly meeting, others monthly, some when there’s something to discuss and others are happy to communicate via email. We’re happy to accomodate your preference and you can book a meeting here.



So… How’s it going?

You will receive a monthly and or weekly snapshot with key metrics - depending on your package inclusions.

We will include regular updates of campaign changes in your ASANA project.

It’s important to note that we follow an iterative process with your digital marketing. We do this by testing in a small environment, quickly assessing the results and, refining and adjusting your strategy.


Getting Started

We’re going to require access to some of your existing and some new digital marketing platforms. We aim to make this process as smooth as possible.

We’ve also added these as tasks and assigned them to you in ASANA.

Social Media Management

If we’re managing your social media, we’ll need you to add us (Alex Socialike) as ADMIN to your Facebook Page. Please ensure your Instagram account and any Facebook Groups are linked to your Facebook Page.

We’ll pull your accounts into our social media management tool (Agora Pulse) with your Facebook Page. It’s important we’re added as ADMIN to the page to make this process run smoothly.

If you’re not sure how to link your Instagram and Facebook Page or get stuck with this step, please let us know and we’ll help you out.

Facebook Ads

Please ensure you have Business Manager set up.

We’ll need you to assign us as a partner to your assets in Facebook Business Manager. Our account ID is 298171351002154 Please ensure we are assigned to:

  • Pages

  • Ad Account

  • Catalogue

Email Marketing

We work with Campaign Monitor although, we’re happy to discuss other platforms and use the platform best suited for your business needs.

We’ll set you up in our Campaign Monitor account or if you’ve made arrangements to use MailChimp, please add us to your MailChimp account. Our MailChimp account is alex@socialike.media


  • AdWords: If we’re running Google ads, please send us your Google AdWords account number so we can add you to our AdWords Account

  • Analytics: Please add us to your Google Analytics account. Our Google Analytics account is alex@socialike.media


  • Please add Alex Ford to your LinkedIn Ad Account if we’re running LinkedIn ads for you

E-Commerce Platform

We’ll request access to your store through Shopify Partners - don’t worry, we won’t count towards your staff count.


We’ve set up an ASANA team for your business. This is where we’ll run and manage all projects for your agile digital marketing. We’ll tag you in anything that needs your review and give you access to any projects we’re working on.

Help I’m Stuck!

We’ve put together some guides for Facebook, Google and Shopify.

ASANA has a great selection of resources if you need a hand.



ANY questions?

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Email: alex@scoialike.media

Phone: +64 21 778 564