Instagram Stories: 10 Tactical Tips

Chances are you’re using Instagram Stories regularly or perhaps you’ve dabbled in it and not seen the results you expected.

The power of stories shouldn’t be underestimated and you should be utilising them in an effective way as part of your social media strategy.

  • 1/3 of the most viewed stories come from business accounts

  • 20% of stories get a direct message reply

  • People spend more time on stories (75%) than the regular news feed (25%)

To effectively harness the power of Instagram Stories, you should consider some tactical tips that’ll help you get the best results.

  1. Master the art of vertical story telling

    • Like any good story, you want to include a beginning, middle and end

    • Keep it VERTICAL - It is the future!

  2. Understand your analytics

    • Tapping is good - they're engaged

    • Exiting and next story are not good

  3. Create a visual strategy

    • Translate the look and feel of your feed to your stories

    • It should feel like it came from your brand

  4. Use stickers to create engagement

    • You can get valuable data and feedback by incorporating polls and questions in your stories

    • Create engagement - it is the currency of Instagram

  5. Let your stories be discovered by a new audience

    • Use hashtags and location pins to support discovery

    • Create a new way for your audience to find you

  6. Create a highlights strategy

    • Bridge the world of your stories with the world of your feed

    • Go back to your core purpose

    • Tell your audience about your business without needing to visit your website

  7. Mind the guides

    • Keep your text and stickers inside the lines

  8. Use a dedicated planning tool

    • Bridge art/visual and strategy

  9. Bridge your followers off the gram

    • Think about how we can own our followers off the platform

    • Create campaigns to get people off the platform

    • Own your relationship

  10. Go Deeper/Cut The BullSh*t

    • Be Authentic

    • Get to the core purpose of your brand