Facebook CBO Everything You Need To Know

Facebook Campaign Budget Optimisation or CBO has been an optional feature in your Facebook Ads Manager and from September 1, Facebook will automatically apply CBO to all your current and any new paid campaigns you run.

What Is Campaign Budget Optimisation?

With campaign budget optimisation, you'll be able to set one central campaign budget for all of your ad sets, and Facebook will automatically and continuously distribute that budget in real time to your top performing ad sets.

With Campaign Budget Optimisation, Facebook will react to the performance of each of your ad sets. You may spend more or less per ad set to get the most results.


As you can see, without CBO we’re allocating $10 to each ad set instead of giving budget to the ad set that’s delivering results. With Facebook CBO enabled, Facebook is automatically distributing budget to the best performing ad sets.

Can I Still Control Spend Limits?

Yes, you can still control your spend limits at the ad set level. If you set a minimum, Facebook will still aim to spend this. If you set a maximum, Facebook won’t exceed this amount.

How Can I See The Distribution?

You’ll want to monitor the total number of optimisations and average cost per optimisation event at the campaign level.

Getting The Most From CBO

  • Give it plenty of time: You need a minimum of 50 conversions for stable delivery and there can be day to day random variation in results. For best results, give it 4-7 days before scaling.

  • Split campaigns by funnel stages: You want to allocate a small but highly valuable warm audience proportionately more budget than a cold audience of people that haven’t interacted with you before.

  • Set minimum and maximum budgets for each ad set: Campaign Budget Optimisation can be extreme with how it allocates budget, especially for a new campaign with not much data.

Preparing For CBO

  • Start testing CBO as soon as possible

  • Analyse the results at campaign level

We’re excited for Facebook CBO and you should be too. Not just because it’s going to automate budget but because it’s going to help deliver great results.