Adding a Partner to Your Facebook Ad Account

As your business grows and ad spend increases you’ll most likely need to add additional users, partners or a Facebook marketing agency to help you manage all your assets and advertising campaigns.

Follow these steps to add a partner to your Facebook Ads account.

  • Go to your Facebook Business Manager

  • Select ‘Business Settings’

  • Select ‘Ad Accounts’ from the left menu

  • Choose your Ad Account

  • Select ‘Assign Partner’

  • In the pop-up dialogue box, click on the link ‘Connect your ad account using your partner’s business ID instead.‘

  • Assign your partner’s role and enter their ID.

    • Ad Account Admin: Can view ads, access reports, create and edit ads, edit payment methods and manage admin permissions.

    • Ad Account Advertiser (Recommended): Can view ads, access reports, create and edit ads.

    • Ad Account Analyst: Can only view ads and access reports.

  • Your Facebook marketing agency will receive a notification that they’ve been added to the Ad Account.